A new Medical Coworking Space has arrived to Valencia, Spain. Start your private practice in an easy way reducing your costs and administrative processes. We manage and carry out everything you need for begin as soon as possible. International emprenedors are welcome in our center.


Medical coworking space in Valencia

If you are reading this article, I guess you know everything about the concept of medical coworking. Accordingly, you can just call us or contact us in order to resolve any doubt .

However, in Spain its less common than EEUU or other countries in Europe. So then for those who need to know it, please allow me to briefly summarise the key points of this concept.

Why would you need this? 



1. No waiting times.

Depending on your specialty, you can start working the same day that you sign the contract.

2. Flexibility.

This is, from our experience the most attractive point of using medical shared spaces. Starting with a part-time plan or full-time it depends on you. Either you are just starting on your private practice or simply need by a specific time a medical office, you can set the plan up according to your needs. By far, It’s the safest bet to grow your own private practice.
Some of our members started only by one day per week. Nonetheless, the are currently working in a full-time. It might be you case, the day you have more patiences you can simply add more hours or days and adjust your schedule.
Times are constantly changing, and we know that. We will be there to to smooth these changes in the best way we can.

3. Affordability.

Regarding with the last point, adjusting your plan effectively you will reduce the cost of your practice more than ever.

4. Reliability.

We have the responsibility to offer the maximum transparency in your contract. Therefore, you will be fully informed about all the process. Also we’ll help you in the transition and homologation of your formation in Spain and the “Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública” of Valencia.

Furthermore other critical questions will likely arise. Allow me to quote the two most frequently asked questions.

Will fit my practise in with your clinic?

Of course you will. We currently have physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, family doctors… I hope this help with the answer :).

How about the language?

I’d be lying if I told you we are bilingual speakers. No, we are not. But our receptionist is more than ready to serve your patients without any problem. 

Be that as it may, feel free to contact us and solve those queries or make the questions you need.

Despachos Amado ofrece soluciones para aquellas personas del mundo sanitario que necesitan un espacio para ejercer su práctica profesional ya sea por horas, media jornada o completa. Estamos especializados en ofrecer consultas y despachos médicos compartidos de calidad a un precio inmejorable. Ofreciendo nuestro oficina de Valencia una localización inmejorable, sala de espera profesional, baños, zonas comunes y vestuarios. Ofrecemos contratos flexibles y escalables a tus necesidades y cantidad de trabajo.

Podrás encontrarnos en:

C/ Doctor Zamenhoff 29 Valencia

644 566 886


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